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After building 5 motorcycle beauties for a very narrow circle of friends and enthusiasts, Apogee Motoworks was born, this is how we want to build a motorcycle of the future, a motorcycle with the power of a 1200cc, but with the lightness of a 500cc, we know that lightness is the key to increasing performance.


Our goal has always been to explore the creative possibilities within a myriad of processes that guarantee savings in manufacturing and manufacturing costs that make the world of the most iconic and unique Italian Motorcycle vibrate, a Motorcycle that adapts to those who, like me, they appreciate the beautiful things in life.

Benefits and Innovation Apoyii

Inspired by Japanese temples and their millenary wood building & joinery techniques, the Apoyii Moonwalker has merged single handedly, pure handcrafted goodness with the ingredients of CNC cut birch plywood and the safest current motorcycle fork and suspension designs.


This Bike which at the first glance is way more than just any push bike, since it has capability to receive a pedal or electric drive train and can also be fitted with 12” / 14” or 16” aluminum race wheels, will talk to the inner biker inside every aspiring rider, and encourage them to jump with cero fears right on its ergonomically comfy and heightly adjustable saddle, once they grip their hands and get the feeling of solidity and instant iso-elastic & constant push back suspension action around their legs thanks to the carefully contoured geometry which has been optimized to their actual weight & size., this feeling of security will help them to not only feel they have a really special lightweight and nimble motorcycle at their fingertips but will also fuel their very first sense of satisfaction far beyond their eyes feel and touch every single time they decide to throw their iPad away and instead throw their leg around their new pair of circular wings and at the same time easily step out of their comfort zone, which furthermore supplies them with their very first and always fresh feeling of achievement in independence & Personal freedom as they start their daly outings and discoveries around their new world aboard their very own pair of wheels, wheels that we call rounded wings and that for their lifetime they’ll most likely will remember as their very first personal vehicle..


The Apoyii’ Moonwalker design incorporates also a Triple tree moto steering rigidity and sturdy assembly method that incorporates proportional guidance dampening and self-centering at any speed., furthermore foldable foot pegs that allow solid standing while graciously gliding around most road obstacles and gives extra comfort, grip and cushioning during tricks and jumps, thanks to the also adjustable APOYii Moon Walker shock., this shock as other components of the APOYii have been inspired by the sketches of Leonardo Da-Vinci as he started to study Japanesse building methods and started to slowly incorporate them into his very own wooden machine designs.


It doesn’t matter Whether you’re 75 / 50 / 35 / 20 or just 2 years young., The APOYii moonwalker will let you see how much soul, skill, love and years of human neuron thinking and fabricating techniques have been plastered into this woodenly gorgeous young soul transporter.

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